'I wish I had taken that banner'

Few things can be as galling to Liverpool fans as the fact that they have had their league title total outstripped by their deadly rivals Manchester United, but that’s what happens when you cease to be the most successful club in the land: other people do what you were once good at, and you stop being as important. Still, there’ll always be the Europa League to look forward to, right?

Anyway, to rub salt into the wound, on Sunday United fans managed to hang a banner which read ‘MUFC 19 times’ up at the Anfield Road end of Anfield, just before the start of their game with Tottenham. The Liverpool fans in the Kop had their scarves aloft as they were about to start ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ when the suicidal Mancunians revealed their banner, before they scarpered in a getaway car. It was so daring even Alex Ferguson wishes he’d done it.

‘I wish I had taken that banner to Liverpool on Sunday,’ Ferguson said. ‘I bet there were 76,000 fans wishing they had thought of that.’ We think you’re probably right.

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