'I will destroy him'

The war of words is once again hotting up around David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko: The Hitman has said that he will ‘destroy’ the Ukrainian when they meet in the summer.

It was announced yesterday that the pair had signed a contract to fight in Germany on either 25 June or 2 July, finally putting them in the ring after years of goading, claim and counter-claim, and it’s clear that Haye will want to raise the profile of the fight, which will be the biggest pay day in his career.

‘Since I switched to the heavyweight division, it was clear that this fight will come one day,’ Haye said. ‘The outcome is also clear: I will destroy him and end the Klitschko era once for all.

‘I always believed we'd one day fight and I'm glad we've cut through the nonsense and put together the most important fight in the heavyweight division.’

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