I was right

Alex Ferguson has said that he was right to not play Wayne Rooney at the weekend, and make him face a flood of abuse from Everton fans at Goodison Park. Of course the chances of Fergie ever admitting culpability for anything are pretty slim, but we’re sure you knew that already.

His Manchester United team some managed to chuck away a two goal lead in injury time on Saturday, meaning United are already four points behind Chelsea, and are in third place behind Arsenal in the title race. However, he is unrepentant about not playing his star striker, and says that he will start tonight against Rangers and at the weekend against Liverpool.

‘I have no regrets at all. I did the right thing,’ he said. ‘I'm not clarifying it again. I left him out for the reasons I explained on Saturday. I was not going to subject him to that nonsense at that ground. It was a benefit to our team but I have no concerns about playing him at all.

‘He will always prove his worth because he is a terrific player. I don't know if the situation will inspire him. He has a lot of experience in these situations. But his performances for England and the fact he scored was as good a boost to him as anything.’

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