I needed to make a stand for cricket

The Pakistani cricketer who fled to London after receiving death threats related to match fixing has said that he went public in order to clean up cricket.

Zulqarnain Haider, who on Monday quit from his team’s base in Dubai where they were training for matches against South Africa, says that he was asked to fix the fourth and fifth games between the two countries, and was threatened by an unknown man as he was leaving the team hotel to go out for dinner. The man said that ‘If you can't help us you will not continue your cricket. When you go to Pakistan we will kill you and your family also.’ Now Haider wants to put an end to corruption in the sport.

‘I needed to make a stand for cricket,’ said Haider in an interview with the BBC. ‘I think over time people will stop following cricket if they think matches are fixed.’

‘I think 50% of people trust cricket and 50% don't. It's very bad. That's why sponsors are not trusting cricket. I think cricket needs to stop match-fixing to get the sponsors in.

‘I am trying to build my image and my family's image and my country's image. We have a lot of good people in Pakistan. I am making this stand for Pakistan and for all cricket.’

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