'I live, breathe and exist to win'

Few things are as attractive to women as a man who’s a winner. It’s a sad thing to say, but men who are badass and just generally winning always have sexy chicks hanging off their arm: check out Charlie Sheen for example, or one of any number of butt-ugly pop stars. So you can only imagine that the ladies are practically dripping off Lewis Hamilton when he makes a statement like: ‘I live, breathe and exist to win.’ That’s hot.

Hamilton won his first Grand Prix win since last August, staging a thrilling duel with him and current champion Sebastian Vettel, overtaking him with only four laps to go and reducing the deficit between him and Vettel to 21 points. That’s sexy. He was also rubbing the car – how hot is that?

‘I was rubbing the cockpit of the car the last five laps, saying, 'Please baby please, I swear on my life, please just stay together,' he said. 'I wasn't worried that the car would fail. I was worried that my left tyre would go or something. This is one of my top three wins. It's up there with Silverstone and Monaco. When you win from the start it's beautiful. But when you win having come through people and you really have to earn it, it feels that much better.

‘It feels like forever since I had my last race win. I can't even remember it as it is that long ago. Every inch of the race, every second, was incredibly enjoyable. I love being able to fight with different drivers and have the battles and have them at their best. I really felt that today. While the tyres were going off on some cars I felt they were really performing and driving very well to defend their position, so it made it even more exciting.’

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