'I laugh like hell'

Jack Warner, one of the men accused by Lord Triesman of ‘improper and unethical’ behaviour during the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, said he ‘laughed like hell’ when he heard the allegations.

Warner was accused of asking for £2.5million to build an education centre in Trinidad – Warner’s home country – while Triesman also claimed that other big Fifa players asked for money and even a knighthood when he was lobbying for England’s bid for 2018. However Warner says that the Triesman and the FA are simply bitter at not being voted for.

‘First of all, I laugh like hell because it took those guys from December to now (to say) that I have £2.5m, I believe,’ Warner said. ‘I never asked anybody for anything.

‘When these guys came here, we promised to help. I showed them a place where they can put a playground. They promised to come back but they never did. That's all.

‘What is painful is that the FA spent £19m on a bid, (but) the only vote they got is the English (Fifa executive's) vote. How come not even one person from Europe voted for them? They're looking for all different reasons. Why don't they, in a dispassionate way, sit down and ask why not one European voted for them?’

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