I have lived with the rumours since day one

Avram Grant let rip at journalists continually speculating on his future as West Ham boss last night, after his Hammers side beat Birmingham in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-finals last night.

The Irons won 2-1 thanks to Blues goalkeeper Ben Foster letting Carlton Cole’s weak shot go through his legs, and after the match asked why there was continued speculation about his position at the club, and why there wasn’t the same amount of talk about the other bosses in the bottom seven places in the league.

‘There are seven teams in our positions in the league, more or less – two points (between the clubs) is not a big difference and we are the only one in a semi-final and you keep asking me these questions,’ Grant said. ‘You need to ask the person who gave you this information, not me.

‘Why is there no speculation about the other managers? But you keep asking me. I am not the man you need to ask. I can be responsible for one thing. If I don't want to be here, I will go to the owner and say that I don't want to be here but the other decision is not mine.

‘I have lived with the rumours since day one that I am here at the club. I think for us, it would be much easier if the rumours were like at other clubs but the rumours are only about West Ham United. If everything was more quiet, it would help the players more but even with this, you saw the spirit of the players. Everybody needs to respect this spirit.’

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