'I feel at home'

The love story between Chelsea and José Mourinho was always a bit of a tempestuous one: the sort of frantic, passionate affair that is destined to end in heartbreak and tears, dramatic declarations of love and a ill-fated fling with a moustachioed Brazilian. Or something. Anyway, he’s back where he belongs now, if only for a day or two, charming the press and telling everyone how much he wants to come back, and by the way, how he wants to crush the dreams of his former fans. The cad.

‘I feel at home,’ he said in the press conference before tonight’s Champions League clash between Chelsea and Internazionale. ‘I opened the door, went up to the second floor where there are people I know; to the third floor where there are people I know. The players didn't come to see me but they are working, or at the team hotel. Before the game I know everybody and I love them, and after the game the same, but, for 90 minutes on Tuesday night, I'll know nobody.

‘I'll be restrained if we win, yes. Because it's Chelsea. Because it's the team where I worked for three and a half years, the same players, the same supporters who made me feel incredible every time we played in this stadium. But don't confuse this emotional control with a lack of professionalism or of me not having a desire to win. I watched the first leg seven times on DVD, stopping and going back over and over again. Chelsea is different and I have to be different but I gave everything to prepare for this game. So don't confuse my feelings for my ex-players and my ex-club with any lack of desire or motivation to win this game.

‘I have nothing to prove to Chelsea: to Chelsea's players, to Chelsea's fans, to Chelsea's board. The relations are great. When it's possible, happiness for me and happiness for them is the perfect situation. I don't believe I will be booed. I believe I will be clapped. But, for me, this game is just about getting to the quarter-finals. It doesn't mean anything else to me at all.’

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