'I didn't deserve to lose the armband'

Old and new England captain John Terry has said that he never deserved to lose the England captaincy, in a somewhat forthright press conference, which won’t endear him to the people who already don’t like him.

Terry, who was given the armband back by Fabio Capello yesterday, after a year in which the Chelsea man has mostly kept his head down, and stayed out of the headlines. While never publically questioning the manager’s decision, Terry says that he didn’t feel that what had happened between him, Wayne Bridge and Vanessa Perroncel should have affected his position as captain.

‘I could understand it a little bit but once they, the manager and (the general manager) Franco Baldini, spoke to me – and it's difficult for legal reasons to go into detail – I just felt I didn't deserve to lose the armband,’ said Terry. ‘We talked through stuff – it was a 10- to 15-minute meeting – and we spoke openly and honestly. I accepted their decision. But that doesn't mean to say I agreed with it, and I never will. That's me being very proud and having been honest with them. I didn't agree with them, and I told them that face to face, but I said I respected their decision and I'd continue to work hard. They'd get nothing less from me.

‘The manager called the group together and spoke, saying I will be permanent captain again, and that I'd done well on and off the field over the last year. He asked if anyone had any questions or anything to say. No one said a word.

‘I'll respect anyone who comes to me personally and we deal with it one on one rather than me hearing things or listening to people talking in the media, claiming they know all the facts. I know I'm not going to be everybody's cup of tea but if somebody does have a problem, I would respect him coming to me in person. Anyone who's been around the squad for five or 10 games, I'd feel they should have the confidence to say what they feel.’

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