'I can win more world titles'

Despite his massive success and stardom Ronnie O’Sullivan has always had something of a downer on himself; constantly questioning whether he is any good (despite winning the biggest honours snooker has to offer) and often looking like he is very close to cracking up completely.

So it’s nice to see that – for now at least – The Rocket is enjoying the game, and talking positive about his capability. He beat Dominic Dale 10-2 yesterday, probably the biggest moment of his season so far, after nearly pulling out of the tournament. Now Ronnie says he can win more world titles to add to the three he already has.

‘I've always loved the game and this was the last throw of the dice,' said O'Sullivan. 'I'm a fighter and I enjoyed that match. I can win more world titles. If I can take that feeling. If I go back to how I was, it's all over.

‘I enjoyed that as much as any other match I've played here. It's a nice feeling. I've played here for nearly 20 years, won it three years and sometimes I've come off relieved the match has ended.

‘Today, I was disappointed. I wanted more frames and I've never felt like that before. Even when I was leading Stephen Hendry 16-4 (in the 2004 semi-finals) I had doubts about getting over the line. My game has never felt good enough and that was never fulfilling. I always felt like I was falling over the line - it was desperation.’

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