'I can win more'

John Higgins has said that he can add to the three world titles he has now won after last night's victory over Shaun Murphy. The 17-13 win means that the Scot has won two out of the last three world titles, and now he thinks he can over take Ronnie O'Sullivan and creep closer to Stephen Hendry's record of seven wins.

'I think I've got more titles left in me,' he said to the BBC after the victory. 'Playing at that level, I could win one or two more world titles. The next two or three years are going to be when I'll have my best chances.

'(But) it is going to be harder for the likes of myself and Ronnie (O'Sullivan), because the future is people like Mark Selby, Jamie Cope and Mark Allen.

'The only way I can get through against these young guys is to weld them to the top cushion. But if I've won two out of the last three, there is no reason why I shouldn't maybe go on and win some more.'

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