I blame no-one

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that he doesn’t blame anyone for losing the Carling Cup final, shrugging his shoulders and saying that ‘these things happen’. Which is just as well, as he was as much as to blame to for their losing, taking of Arshavin just as Birmingham City were creaking, and handing them the initiative.

‘A little misunderstanding had a great consequence on the game and both players are destroyed. I blame no-one,’ Wenger told BBC Sport. ‘When these things happen late in the game, there is no time to rectify it.

‘The players are disappointed but we have to pick ourselves up, that's what a team is about. It's a good opportunity to show our mental strength, which I think is great. We got what we expected from Birmingham. They are a team who fight very hard and cause a lot of problems from long balls.

‘Congratulations to them - they got the trophy - but we have regrets with the way we conceded the (second) goal.’

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