'I always take things easy'

Lionel Messi has said that he doesn’t feel as though he is being put under any pressure in the run-up to the Champions League final on Saturday, despite the extremely high expectations that are always on his shoulders.

Barcelona face Manchester United at Wembley, and much of the talk has been on the little Argentine, the latest in a long line of ‘new Maradonas’, but he appeared entirely unfettered by all the attention in an interview with the BBC. It’s hardly surprising, given that he’s scored 52 goals this season, and his side are odds on favourites to take back teh biggest trophy in club football.

‘It's a privilege,’ he said. ‘It hasn't put any extra weight on my shoulders. I love seeing people enjoying themselves while watching me and my team-mates playing and to be able to win all these titles for them. I always take things easy - and I'm very relaxed about it because things have gone our way for a long time.

‘To be honest with you I don't (watch) much football at all but I know that they are a very strong side and well deserved champions of a very difficult league. That says it all.

‘I'm not sure where their weaknesses are because they are a very strong side, very physical and extremely efficient in all their lines. I'm one of those players that doesn't look too much at the opposition and concentrates about what we need to do. This is a one-off game - but we have to think about us.

‘We all know what we are capable of because of what we have showed during the whole season. We got to this final in good shape, the guys are up for it. We can't wait for the game to kick off and to probe ourselves once more (to see whether) we can win this again.’

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