Hull City save woman from suicide

An apparently suicidal woman thinking of throwing herself off the Humber Bridge was saved by the passing Hull City team, who were walking over it to find some clarity after a series of shocking results that stretches back to December last year.

Manager Phil Brown claimed that his team were bonded by the walk, as well as by the saving of a woman who was ‘considering her future, shall we say’. Classily put.

‘You don't know, do you, until someone jumps, whether they were actually going to do it?

‘We were looking for clarity. Did we find it? Absolutely. When you're jogging you can't really speak. When you're walking, you can. So that's what we did. There are analogies if you want them. The bridge was built with engineering based on the fact that when an ill wind blows, it becomes stronger, a sturdier sculpture. As far as we were concerned, we just went for a walk.’

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