Hughes: Robinho is not for sale

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes has insisted that the club has no plans to sell Robinho despite speculation that the 25-year-old will join Barcelona in the January.

The striker is currently on the sidelines with an ankle injury which he picked up while playing for Brazil back in September but rumours have been circulating that the British record signing is set to join the La Liga side.

'I am quite clear and Robinho should be quite clear that his future is very much with City,' Hughes told reporters. 'There is no reason to think that will change any time soon. All those stories do not originate from anyone from City. It is people on the outside taking a view on the situation with Robinho which they have no real insight into.'

The Manchester City manager believes that the speculation over the Brazilian's future has been caused by the player's time in the treatment room. 'At the moment Robinho is not fit,' Hughes said. 'But people still want to talk about him because he is a high-profile player. They have not had the opportunity to talk about him play on the pitch. From their point of view the next best thing is to speculate about his future and there are a number of people out there who are making mischief.'

Even if City were looking to offload the mercurial Brazilian it appears that Barca wouldn't have enough money to bring him to the Camp Nou. Soccernet claims that the Catalan club is struggling to balance the books ruling out any possible deal for either Robinho or summer target Javier Mascherano.

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