Hughes claims he is in control at Manchester City

Mark Hughes has dismissed reports that he is struggling to maintain discipline at Manchester City. The rumours come in the wake of Brazilian striker Robinho's decision to do a runner back home following the collapse of the prospective world record Kaka deal.

Hughes told the Daily Mail that he will deal with the Robinho situation and has the full backing of the club's Middle Eastern owners. "I will deal with Robinho in such a way that I absolutely would not expect this to happen again and I feel confident that if there was a longer problem with any player, even Robinho, I would have the go-ahead from Sheikh Mansour to deal with it in whatever way I saw fit."

The former Blackburn boss also dismissed speculation that the Robinho is looking to leave Manchester City just six months after joining the Premier League club for £32.5m. The Brazilian is reported to be upset that his compatriot Kaka decided to stay at AC Milan.

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