It’s always nice to give Australia a damn good thrashing at something isn’t it? There’s surely nothing better than slapping those colonial upstarts down, and showing them their place, so they have to scuttle back to their sun-drenched paradise island, where they eat some of the best food in the world, surrounded by hot bikini babes. Yeah, that’s showed them. Good old England’s latest triumph comes in the World Twenty20 at the Kensington Oval, where they absolutely hammered Australia to win by seven wickets and take England’s first world tournament. Take that, our muscle bound, bronzed inferiors!

‘It feels exceptionally special to be the first team to win a world cup for England,’ said England captain Paul Collingwood. ‘The guys deserve everything they have got today. We have won a world cup and you can never take that away from us.

‘We just wanted to win, as simple as that. It doesn't matter how ugly you look or how good your luck. We thoroughly deserve the victory because of the way we have played throughout the tournament.’

‘Moments like this you have got to savour,’ said star batsmen Kevin Pietersen, whose impressive 47 made winning all but a formality. ‘But if it wasn't for the help given me by all the dressing room and the coaching staff and the management in Bangladesh, I wouldn't have been here batting like I did. Player of the series is just something that gets given to one person but the team is the most important. One person gets a lovely trophy but, if it is not for the team, I would not be sitting here.’

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