'How wrong was I?'

Wayne Rooney has admitted that he was wrong to kick up a fuss over wanting to leave Manchester United last autumn, saying that he feels vindicated at his decision to stay.

The England striker looked odds on to leave Old Trafford back in October, when he made it public that he thought United were going backwards, and that he wanted to leave. At a certain point it even looked like he would go to Manchester City, but now Rooney says that he is very happy at United, and sorry for the bother he caused earlier on in the season.

‘I made a mistake,’ he said. ‘You know, when I look back at it now, I'll say it again, how wrong was I? I'm willing to admit that. I've apologised and ever since then I have wanted to try to prove myself again to the fans. I feel I am doing that now.

‘I'm delighted with my form at the minute and I'm grateful to the fans for supporting me through it (his transfer demands). I hope I've repaid the fans now. I certainly feel vindicated. It's going to be a great end to the season if we can get to Wembley and win a Champions League final as well as the league.

‘It's been a lot different (in the second half of the season). I am a lot happier in my life, a lot happier with the way I'm playing. It's almost been like having to settle down again and I've done that now.’

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