We show you how to get tickets for Wimbledon 2012

Fancy mingling with the Tennis set at the 2012 Wimbledon Championships? If you have always wanted to take your seat on Murray mound or Henman Hill, then we are here to help, as we present our guide to the places you need to check out to to discover how to get tickets for Wimbledon 2012, so lets have a gander!

Wimbledon is one of those seminal events on the English sporting calender like the FA Cup Final and the Grand National that everyone should experience at least once in their life live. Watching at home on TV simply can't convey the electric atmosphere that runs through Centre Court when a classic game is playing out. If you have always wanted to go, then why not make it happen? Let us show you how.

Your first place to check out on the hunt for a prized Wimbledon ticket should be the official Wimbledon site at http://www.wimbledon.com/. This site is a tennis lover's dream as it holds all of the information you will need on making sure your bum is on a centre court seat in 2012. The site holds info on when tickets will go on sale, and you can register your email address to be kept up to date on all the important dates coming up.

Another site that always seems to have Wimbledon tickets available is Viagogo, and you can check out the tickets they have on offer by looking at http://www.viagogo.co.uk. Tickets can get a little pricey if you don't move fast though, so make sure and keep a close eye on what they are offering.


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