How to dive: comic genuis

It’s a sad fact of life that football is riddled with cheats these days, and let’s be honest, it’s all the fault of those foreigners, coming over here and using their devious ways to cheat honest Englishmen like Steven Gerr… Oh. What about Wayne Roon… um no. Or Joe Co… anyway these foreigners will keep using these dastardly tricks to stop us Brits from winning major honours, so it’s best to learn exactly what they’re up to.

Step this way two teenage Scandinavians, who have made a handy video guide to the ways of these duplicitous scumbags and posted it up on YouTube. It also happens to be very amusing indeed, so make sure you take a look.

There’s an impression of a player called Fostervold, who was playing for Rosenberg at around the time John Carew was playing. Just for clarity, here’s the original and the reaction from Carew after he scored alter on that season. It’s even more ridiculous than the mickey take.

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