'Hours away' from England job

José Mourinho has sensationally revealed that he was ‘hours away’ from signing up to manage the England side, before the Fabio Capello took the job.

The former Chelsea boss, who left the London club two months before Steve McCLaren was sacked back in 2007, said that it was only at the last minute that he decided not to take the job, after he realised that the day-to-day working with players and constant competition was what he wanted. Just imagine what the Special One could have done with the England side, readers (apart from the Welsh, Scottish and Irish ones, of course). They might have even played something resembling inspiring football.

‘I was hours away – I almost signed up for the England national team,’ said Mourinho to French sports paper L’Equipe. ‘But at the last minute I began thinking, ‘I am going to coach a national side, there will be one match a month and the rest of the time I will be in my office or overseeing matches’.

‘And then to have to wait until the summer to compete in a European Championship or a World Cup? No, it wasn't for me. So at the last moment I pulled back, preferring to wait for the right job to come along, a good club, a challenge that could motivate me. That was Inter.’

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