We check out the best horse racing ticket offers

There are few more uniquely British activities out there than a day at the races. Whether it is at an old course like Aintree or one of the new fangled all weather floodlit courses, everyone is guaranteed to have fun with a night at the races! Going there has never been easier either, thanks to the huge number of horse racing ticket offers that are out there right now. In this blog, we are going to show you where you can snare these offers!

The first port of call for anyone seeking a special offer on a ticket to the races should be the offical British Horseracing site at www.britishhorseracing.com. This site carries all the information you will need on going to the various courses around the UK, and how much it will cost you to go along to each one. They also have helpful guides to each course, and the areas they are in, making your horse racing experience the easiest one possible!

Another site well worth a moment of your time as you look for horse racing ticket offers is Love the Races who you can find online at www.lovetheraces.com/. This site does monthly specials for different courses, so make sure and check back in each month to see which course they have picked to offer discounted rates for!

Finally, we recommend taking a look at the York racecourse website at www.yorkracecourse.co.uk/. York Race Course is centrally located, and they run a huge variety of special offers on their site for discounted tickets. They also let you book way in advance, so you can get planning your dream horse racing day out right now!


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