Guide to a home poker league

If you hold regular tournaments at your house, you might want to consider setting up a home poker league, with an eventual prize for the champion. Simply buy a small trophy as a symbolic gesture for the eventual champion. It really livens up the atmosphere of a home game.

One of the easiest ways to start up a home poker league is to award one point for each player in the tournament. If you have 20 players first place gets 20 points, second place gets 20 points, all the way down to the last player who gets one point.

There is also very useful software available on the internet to help you keep track of your home games. The Home Poker System is a very useful tool that enables you to keep track of your home games and can be found online at homepokersystem.com. With this software, it is possible to register you league online, schedule games, send invites and post results online.

However, with the explosion of internet poker, it is now possible to start up your own home poker league on sites such as Pokerstars or Partypoker. All you have to do is get every player to sign up to the site for free and it is now possible to reserve tables that only you and your members can play. This is a highly useful addition as it means that players who may live far away do not have to travel to make a game with their friends.

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