Home internationals to return?

Talks are talking place between the FA and its new lead sponsor Vauxhall to bring back the home internationals, which were last played in 1984.

However, should the discussions between the four nations be fruitful, the tournament would most likely end up in different format to the good old days: it would probably be played over three international windows and seven months, from November 2012 to June 2013, as part of the FA’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

After that Vauxhall, who also have sponsorship deals with Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, want to have the tournament as a regular fixture in the football calendar. Whether playing more huff and puff, British-style football is going to help either of the four nations in major international tournaments is up for discussion, however.

‘Conversations are taking place between the Home Nations,’ said an FA source. ‘While nothing concrete has been decided as yet, those talks have been progressing for some time and are ongoing.

‘The tournament under discussion would not necessarily be played out along exactly the same lines as before, but it's possible something could well be done. Indeed, while it is unlikely to take place before Euro 2012, it could potentially coincide with the FA's 150th anniversary celebrations in 2013.’

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