Holland friendly irritates everyone

One of big stories last week was that European clubs might breakaway from Fifa and Uefa in 2014 if they don't receive assurances from them about the international calendar and financial corruption. Well it looks like England's big clubs are going to have a serious bone to pick with Fifa after England's August 10 friendly with The Netherlands, especially if Fabio Capello's reaction is anything to go by.

The Italian is not happy with the scheduling, as he also has to prepare for Euro qualifying games against Wales and Bulgaria in September. Add to that the fact it's only three days before the start of the Premier League season and a couple of days after the Charity Shield, and you can see why he's got the hump.

'The timing is difficult. You need to ask Fifa, they decided this,' he said. 'I can't watch any of the players I need to choose. I don't know what level any of the players will be.

'Now I need to prepare for the qualifying games. I make experiments if it's possible when the games are not so important, but this game is very important because we then have a really short time to prepare for the next qualification games.'

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