Hodgson: Mascherano wants to leave Liverpool

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has confirmed that Argentina captain Javier Mascherano wants to leave the club to join former Reds boss Rafa Benitez at Inter Milan.

‘Yes, he wants to leave the club,’ Hodgson told reporters when quizzed about Mascherano’s future. ‘He has made that perfectly clear. I think he wanted to leave a year ago. He wants to leave now but he is contracted to Liverpool so whether he leaves or not will be our decision.’

However, the former Fulham manager had some positive news for Liverpool fans when he made it clear that Spain striker Fernando Torres will remain at Anfield despite being linked with both Chelsea and Manchester City.

‘As far as I know he [Torres] is looking forward to coming back here; he is back on Monday,’ Hodgson said. ‘He is enjoying a holiday – a well-deserved break as he has not had one for three years. He is spending a lot of time with his family, keeping a low profile and as far as I know he is not really speaking to anyone.’

Hodgson continued: ‘But he has told us that he is looking forward to Monday, looking forward to getting back to work and looking forward to playing for Liverpool next season. That is what I know so other reports, I would suggest, are erroneous.’

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