Hodgson knows the truth

We’ve covered just about every last column inch of the Javier Mascherano deal, which we thought had been dragging on the whole summer, with Liverpool stalling over the size of the fee from Barcelona. However, we’ve now learned from the man himself that the whole saga has been dragging on since last summer, and the Argentine has promised to respond to the ‘lies’ told about him.

‘Roy Hodgson knows the truth,’ he said, obliquely. ‘This is a happy moment for me so now is not the time to say it, but a lot of lies have been told about me and I will respond to them. Last year Liverpool would not let me leave. There was no way they would sell me. They had Xabi Alonso and me, and they would only let Xabi leave.

‘I was disappointed not to be able to sign last season. When the best club in the world calls you, then it is something that you want to happen. I have signed for the only club who really wanted me. In no moment did I ever think that Inter was a possibility. Rafa valued me and perhaps that is why people started saying that I could go there but this is the only club that pushed to sign me.’

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