Where to find information on the history of tennis online

The Net is an incredible source of information, and when searching for the term 'history of tennis' the number of results was astounding! The first site that caught my eye offered an in-depth and interesting take on the sport by breaking it down into various sections. The site offered a deeper look into topics like the early years, the history of Wimbledon, the first US Open, and the first French Open. If you'd like to immerse yourself in hours of tennis history related information, you should head over to historyoftennis.net. As a bonus the site also explores the history of various other things, including other sports. The Olympics, hockey, football, tennis, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball and even ancient sports are covered here.

wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennis is our next stop, and this is a truly exhaustive source of information on the history of tennis. This page takes you through the history of the sport, the equipment used, the manner of play, surfaces played on, officials, Junior tennis, match play and even the various shots. There's also a wealth of information on various tournaments, and players. If you need really in-depth information on tennis you'll do well to bookmark this one. This is a user generated source, but it's constantly updated and edited to ensure the information is accurate.

These are just two sources of information on the history of tennis, but these sites should give you a good start. Head on over and learn everything you always wanted to know about the game and its origins.

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