Hillsborough e-petition reaches 100,000 signatures

The petition doing the rounds that called for Cabinet papers from the Hillsborough disaster to be released has reached 100,000 signatures. That means that a debate about it in the House of Commons will now be considered, and hopefully the truth will finally come out.

The Home Office e-petition was started after Information Commissioner Christopher Graham ruled that the papers should be published, and it was signed by a whole load of football fans and famous faces. However the Cabinet Office will appeal against Graham's decision, so it's not over yet. The petition is still alive, so make sure that interest in this doesn't die.

'The e-petition has now reached 100,000 signatures and the government will notify the Backbench Business Committee in the House of Commons in order that the committee can consider its suitability for debate when Parliament returns in September,' said a Cabinet Office spokesman. 'The e-petition will remain live, and people will be able to continue adding their signatures. The government will respond to those who have signed the e-petition in due course.'

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