Higgins in control

John Higgins looks on course to win his third snooker World Championship, after surging into an 11-5 lead against Shaun Murphy last night.

The Scot was tied with the Englishman at 5-5, but won five frames in a row to take a six frame lead into this afternoon's penultimate session. While Murphy did come back from 10-6 down against Matthew Stevens to win the 2005 title, both players look too tired to cause any upsets.

Higgins' outside projects – including setting up a snooker player's union and a supplementary tour on new territories for the game – seem more important than the actual game right now, but Murphy has been sick through the tournament and had a rather ugly kiss-and-tell story published about him yesterday, as well as a acrimonious separation from his wife.

It seems like all of that is finally catching up to him, but to find out whether Murphy can hold on and put himself in the company of Ronnie O'Sullivan, make sure you tune into the Beeb's excellent coverage, on TV or online.

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