Hiddink: Chelsea can still win the title

Guus Hiddink officially took over at Chelsea last night and issued a challenge to the Premier League's other title contenders claiming that the Blues can steal win the championship. Chelsea are currently in fourth place lying seven points behind leaders Manchester United.

Hiddink has made it clear that he will only be at the club for 15 weeks before returning to his post as manager of the Russian national side, but has already spoken about the need for the club's players to raise their game: "I hope to get out a little bit more from the players than sometimes they think they can bring."

Despite his lack of experience in the Premier League, Hiddink appeared confident in his ability to guiding Chelsea to their first title since the departure of Jose Mourinho: " I haven't worked in England, which is considered the biggest league in the world, so [winning the title] would be a huge achievement. We try to go for this title, yes. I am not just here to add to my experience with the club and the Premier League. I want to see results as soon as possible."

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