Hey Joe

Joe Calzaghe has today apologised for his use of cocaine, for some reason, saying that he’s sorry for the bad example he’s given kinds. As though children look to boxers to be their moral guide points, and not, say, their parents, or immediate family.

Anyway, retirement has apparently not been easy for the former world champ, who has admitted to being bored and getting on it at London nightspots. The time he used to spend preparing for fights is now empty, and that has led to a lot of beer and little bit of celebrity powder every now and again. ‘He feels he has earned it after all the years in the ring,’ as one of his friends put it to The Sun.

What the paper doesn't report however, is Calzaghe's account of what happened, in which he claims that The News of the World's fake Sheikh, AKA reporter Mazer Mahmood posed as a London representative of an investment bank to entrap him into talking about his private life and drug use. None of which is really anyone's business but his own.

‘I am deeply sorry if anyone feels let down and I will make sure nothing like it happens again,’ said Calazghe on his own website. ‘I very much regret my occasional use of cocaine in what have sometimes been the long days since my retirement from the ring.

‘I am aware of the bad example it sets to other people and particularly to youngsters and I apologise to my family, friends and fans. It is not a major problem in my life, but it is something which I am actively addressing.’

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