He's not so tough

The Champions League starts up again tonight with some teeny little club called Barcelona playing some German no-marks called Stuttgart, but everyone knows there’s only one game this week that anyone’s interested in, and that’s Inter v Chelsea at the San Siro tomorrow night.

The Italian champions take on top of the league Chelsea knowing that if no Italian sides go through to the quarter finals the league will lose its fourth Champions League place, a potential catastrophe for the likes of Napoli, Genoa, Sampdoria, Roma Juventus and Fiorentina, who’s rush for the fourth spot will all be in vain if none of AC Milan, Inter or the Tuscans make it through.

However, Inter defender Walter Samuel is only thinking about his job marking the formidable Didier Drogba, who has been smashing and crashing through everyone and everything this season.

‘Marking a centre-forward like Drogba is difficult - but if we remain tight to him he will always have problems receiving the ball,’ said the Argentine. ‘We'll have to do this kind of limited work but that's the best route to victory.

‘We need to concentrate for 180 minutes of the tie and not become distracted because we're talking about a team that at any time can win a game with its individuals, especially in attack. We have to be strong at the San Siro and not concede. This will make them play differently in the return leg.

‘Everything will be decided at Stamford Bridge but I have the feeling that we'll go to the second game ahead in the tie.’

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