He's not as good as me

There is little good that can come from a sacked manager being critical of the chap who subsequently takes his post: you either a) end up looking like a whiny little tart who get over a former lover, or b) annoy your former fans and needlessly ramp things up for the next time you face them.

So why Mark Hughes decided to have a pop at Roberto Mancini we’re not sure. What we do know is that he’s definitely taken option ‘a’, saying that he would have done a better job than what the current manager is doing right now. What basis he has for that we don’t know, given that City are challenging for the title now and under Hughes they never looked like doing so.

‘They made the change with the view that they wanted to accelerate the process of getting success,’ he said. ‘That doesn't seem to have happened. I know what I left behind, that the club and the group of players I had there was good enough to hit the targets I was given.

‘I knew they had to spend significantly more money (last) summer – that opportunity was going to be given to myself. It wasn't. If I had still been there I would have been there two and a half years so that I think would have helped.’

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