He’s coming home, he’s coming home, he's coming...Becks is coming home...

With a whopping 113 caps for England, David Beckham is the most capped outfield player in the history of English soccer, sorry football, but at the expiring age of 34 the veteran is desperate to add to that tally at the World Cup next year.

To increase his chances of playing for England, Becks (currently mid-way through a 5 year spell at LA Galaxy) last year spent the end of season break in the MSL (the Yankie Premiership) on loan to AC Milan for 5 months. Talking ahead of England’s World Cup qualifier against Croatia tomorrow night, when asked by BBC Radio if he’d return to play in England, he didn’t rule it out; "Everyone knows I will be planning to come back to Europe, I don’t know, but there are a few options, put it that way.”

An LA Galaxy far far away or not, if England beat Croatia tomorrow, they qualify for the World Cup and the countdown to South Africa begins...only 274 days to go.

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