He's back

Chelsea will be facing their old manager and demi-god Jose Mourinho in the knock-out stages of the Champions League, in a European clash between his Internazionale side and his former club that will surely have every single hype-monger in football dribbling in their undercrackers with delight. Both teams are top of their respective leagues but struggling for form. Who will fall? Inter, probably.

Elsewhere Manchester United have drawn that city’s other team, the AC ‘we’ve got quite a good record in Europe’ Milan, where Brazilian playmakers Ronaldinho and Pato are currently doing their best to not make it into their national team’s squad for the World Cup. David Beckham will also be making his return to the place where it all started. That's Old Trafford, in case you didn't know. Arsenal have of course got the easy draw, as they always do, against Porto. You wanna see the rest? Well it’s all below for you.

  • VfB Stuttgart v Barcelona
  • Olympiakos v Girondins Bordeaux
  • Internazionale v Chelsea
  • Bayern Munich v Fiorentina
  • CSKA Moscow v Sevilla
  • Lyon v Real Madrid
  • Porto v Arsenal
  • AC Milan v Manchester United

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