He's at it again

Manchester United drew with Newcastle United 0-0 at St James’ Park last night, and as is almost always the case when United don’t win, Alex Ferguson has had a go at the referee, claiming that he cost them three points.

His bone of contention appears to be Javier Hernandez’s blatant dive in the last minute of injury time, when he took a tumble over Danny Simpson’s leg, looking to earn his side a penalty. Hernandez was booked by Lee Probert, and enraged Ferguson in the process.

‘It was a clear penalty,’ said Ferguson. ‘I thought the referee had a good game tonight but he's let himself down by booking the player. If it's not a penalty, fine, but to book him is an insult. There is definitely contact, no doubt about that.

‘We are in a better position than we were on Saturday. We have played one less game and are in the same position we were with Arsenal with five games left.

‘There are two important games going to come up, obviously, and that's the Arsenal game away and the Chelsea game at home. You have got to look at Chelsea also and how they respond with the three home games in a row now.’

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