'He's a world class player'

Let's face it, most people don't like John Terry much: for many he personifies the dunderheaded way the English play football, and the fact he'd probably try to pull your missus as soon as you turned your back doesn't exactly endear him to your average bloke. So you'd think that he'd keep his head down and make sure that he doesn't say anything to annoy opposition fans, right? Wrong.

Asked about Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric, who has been angling for a move to Chelsea all summer, but who has been denied the move by his chairman Daniel Levy, Terry immediately talks about the possibility of him signing for Chelsea, rather than nodding his head and saying 'he's a good player, but we already have good players here blah blah blah'. He really doens't help himself, does he?

'He's a world-class player who is very difficult to play against,' said Terry. 'He's agile, quick and a great finisher like we've seen over many years.

'We've got a good squad. If he comes, he could certainly add to that. He has his own problems at the moment. It's probably a little bit disrespectful to Spurs...'

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