Henry to return to Arsenal?

Arsenal may welcome the va-va-voom back to the Emirates in January. Intriguingly Arsene Wenger has not yet ruled out signing Thierry Henry on loan during the transfer window.

Henry, enough of an Arsenal legend to have his statue outside the stadium, is currently training with his old club. Henry is signed to the New York Red Bulls but is back in London during the MLS close season.

Initially Wenger had been dismissive of the idea, but he seems to have mulled it over. "It has come through my brain at some stage but I haven't been concrete on the case," he said. He did assert that the 34 year-old Henry would be perfectly capable of playing in the Premier League.

Wenger, previously a staunch believer in youth, seems to have softened his stance towards older players in recent months. Key players in his squad include Per Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen and Mikel Arteta, all of them on the downward slope of their 20s, not to mention the 28 year-old Robin Van Persie, now in the best form of his career.

"I am personally completely happy with the team I have," Wenger said ahead of the crunch match against Manchester City. "There is a good, good spirit there. I'm sure this group will fight absolutely 100% to go as far as they can."

With a Champions League tie against Milan to look forward to in 2012, Arsenal are back among the elite. The addition of Thierry Henry to the squad roster might turn a promising season into a memorable one.

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