Henry not looking forward to facing Arsenal

Thierry Henry has admitted that he is not looking forward to playing against his former team Arsenal in the Champions League quarter-final against Barcelona at the end of this month.

The France striker spent eight years at the Premier League club but the Champions League draw will see him line out against his old team since moving to the Camp Nou in 2007.

Speaking to Sky Sports the 32-year-old conceded that the first leg at the Emirates stadium will be difficult: 'I'm not saying I won't try to fight or whatever because that's the way the game is. But I don't want to play against Arsenal.'

'It will be weird for me to step on the pitch, even if it's at the Emirates and not Highbury, with another shirt on.'

Asked if he would celebrate scoring against the Gunners Henry replied: 'Forget about it. No. I do not want to play against Arsenal, simple as that.'

'The bond that I have with the Arsenal fans I will never get anywhere else. Because I don't think I will ever play for another team for that long. Eight years - I don't think I will be with another team for eight years, I am getting old now.'

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