Henry lives the dream

Thierry Henry enjoyed a fantasy return to Arsenal, with the winning goal in their third-round FA Cup tie against Leeds.

The Arsenal legend is on loan from New York Red Bulls until the resumption of the US MLS season. Speaking before the match, he had expressed his readiness to be a "bench player" or just a back-up. When given his chance though, he demonstrated that his striker’s instincts remain fully functional.

The 34 year-old substitute scored the only goal of the game in the 78th minute with a typical strike, slanting in from the left and driving a low shot past the Leeds goalkeeper. It was a rare moment of class in a scrappy match.

"I never thought I'd play for Arsenal again, let alone score the winner," Henry said. "I will always remember tonight. I don't know why but, when it comes to Arsenal, something happens with me. Sometimes in a bad way but most of the way in history in a good way."

His manager Arsene Wenger described Henry’s goal as a dream. "It was a story you'd tell a young kid," he said. "Unfortunately it's not often like that in our game but sometimes it happens. He's done it all. You could see straight away that he had a presence on the pitch and, if we could find him, he'd be dangerous.

"He's sharp, physically. I'd seen that in training and I wouldn't have used him if he wasn't ready. But he was already a legend here. Now he's added just a bit more to the whole story."

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