Hemel Ski Centre provides great skiing and lessons

If you can hardly wait to book your skiing reservations at the Hemel Ski Centre, you have three ways to get started. Visit their website online at http://www.thesnowcentre.com/getting-started and book reservations. If you live near the ski centre, drop by and book reservations in person or simply call them at 0845 258 9000. Adult all day lift passes run £35 for off peak and £42 for peak Monday through Friday.

Arrive on the slopes dressed for any variety of weather conditions. Temperatures on the ski slope may range from a little as -2°c to almost -6°c. Make sure you have extra thick socks and try layering your clothing to maintain comfort. Of course gloves are essential and consider wearing waterproof ski wear for great skiing. In case you hit the slope empty handed the Snow Centre hires out waterproof ski wear for £6 a person.

Bring the booking reference number you were given to create your slope passes. Verify you know your correct shoe size, weight and height to get set up with the proper equipment as well as your kids. The excellent news is the ticket cost already includes helmets, poles, boots, snowboards and skis for your visit. It could not be any easier to get on the slopes fast and efficiently.

Whilst you are at the ski centre, you will need to get acquainted and check out the Indoor Snowsports in addition to the Snowsports School. The Indoor Snowsports comes equipped with a huge main slope and one for indoor lessons. Perfect snow every time.

The Snowsports School caters to children as young as four years of age for skiing and snowboard courses, Ski classes last four days with an hour of teaching per day.

Check the website for the Hemel Ski Centre to see all the exciting courses offered to young and old in addition to great skiing conditions.

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