He'll be over in January

Arsenal fans have recently been given the best news they were ever likely to hear all summer when Cesc Fabregas committed himself to the club for at least one more year, but Barcelona are clearly unhappy at not getting their hands on their number two transfer target.

At least, they are if you believe football website Goal, who have quoted Italian football website TuttoMercato, who in turn have quoted Barca midfielder Xavi as saying that maybe Fabregas will move back to his home town once Arsenal are out of the title race – in January. Ouch. Now, bear in mind that TuttoMercato have no supplied a source to these quotes, and we’re unconvinced he’s chatting away to a unimportant foreign website, but still; it’s pretty funny, isn’t it?

‘We've given up on the idea of him arriving now, but maybe he'll come in January when Arsenal are out of the Premier League title race,’ Xavi apparently said. ‘Their team is just not competitive.' Hee he ho ho ho

‘Arsenal are wrong to have forced him to remain there, they can't just hold him against his will.' Oh, diddums.

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