Heads or tails?

Vitali Klitschko has said that he and his brother Wladimir would have to ‘toss a coin’ to decide which one of them gets a chance at David Haye’s WBA World Championship title. Haye defends his title against the American John Ruiz on 3 April, and should he be successful will almost certainly be facing one of the Ukrainian brothers next.

The Hayemaker has already wound the brothers up a treat with his declarations that he would severely damage them in any fight, and the brothers have been itching to get at him for at least two years now. However, seeing as this isn't WWE, only one of them can fight at once.

‘The main obstacle for this match for me is Wladimir,’ said Klitschko, who is preparing for his fight with the European champion Albert Sosnowski on 29 May, today. ‘We can't make up our minds as to who will be boxing with Haye. We'll probably have to toss a coin.’

‘For this match to take place, Haye has first to prove his world champion title against Ruiz. Haye is world champion for the WBA version, but he is not an absolute world champion.’

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