He will score, honest

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has backed Fernando Torres to score before the end of the season, something that most Chelsea fans aren’t all that convinced by at all.

It’s already been 871 minutes without hitting the net, since being transferred to Chelsea from Liverpool for £50million, but the Italian is apparently convinced that the Spaniard will definitely slap the onion bag before the season is out, and before Ancelotti makes his inevitable departure for Roma.

‘He will score,’ said the manager. ‘He can score if he plays. It's very difficult to change the team that played so well against West Brom, not just for the result, not just for the performance. They did very well against West Bromwich.

‘We are working with him like we are with the other strikers. He has exercises to score – shooting, crossing – but nothing different from the others. I think he wants to score and he's not happy for this reason. I would like to see my players every time happy and with confidence. It's not a good moment for Fernando, but I want to do my best to support him.’

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