He wants to be here

Xavi Hernandez has made it quite clear that one way or another Cesc Fabregas will be going to Barcelona at some point in the near future, tipping a gallon of petrol on one of the most drawn-out cases of tapping up football has seen.

The Barcelona magician, who was speaking to The Guardian’s Sid Lowe (a cracking interview, by the way), said that not only does the Arsenal captain want to leave, but that he has to end up playing at Barca. The pull of the club is obviously huge for the Catalan, but Xavi’s comments will most likely enrage Gooners, who have already had to put up with them sniffing around their star player.

‘If I'd ever gone to another club, I'd have been thinking about Barcelona – the link is strong. The same is happening to him. But now there's a problem: now he's expensive. But I think that a footballer ends up playing where he wants. He has to end up here.

‘I imagine they (Arsenal fans) wouldn't have liked that. You know, often footballers don't think. We're selfish, we don't realise. I also say it because I'm thinking of Cesc. He wants to come here. Barcelona has always been his dream. But of course he's Arsenal's captain, the standard bearer, a leader.

‘This situation is a putada (bummer) for him. He's at a club that plays his style with Wenger who has treated him well, taught him, raised him. Cesc respects him. If he'd been at, say, Blackburn it might have been easier to leave. Look, the truth is: I want him to come here. Of course. Barcelona have a very clear style and not many footballers fit. It's not easy. But Cesc fits it perfectly.’

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