'He is the ****ing man'

Over the course of the season José Mourinho has being trying his level best to get Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola to crack with a string of inflammatory statements about him and his team, and it looks like he might have finally got him to bend to his will, on the eve of tonight’s massive superclassico Champions League semi-final.

The Barcelona boss took to the press room at Real Madrid’s Bernebeau ground and let rip at Mourinho, saying that he was the ‘f***ing man’ in a press conference, and implying that he wasn’t much cop outside of it. Have a little read of this diatribe and see if you think that Mourinho has cracked his Barca counterpart. Go on:

‘As Mourinho has spoken so candidly about me and spoken about me by name, and using tú (the informal form of you – it’s a bit like as if Harry Redknapp referred to Arsene Wenger as ‘geezer’), then I will do the same,’ he said. ‘Tomorrow at 8.45 we will play a match on the field.

‘Outside of the field, he has won the entire year, the entire season and in the future. He can have his personal Champions League outside the field. Fine. Let him enjoy it, I'll give him that. But this is a game. When it comes to sport we will play and sometimes we will win, sometimes we will lose. We are happy with smaller victories, trying to get the world to admire us and we are very proud of this.

‘I can give you an immense list of things (that we could complain about): 300,000 things. We could remember Stamford Bridge and another thousand things but I do not have that many people working for me. Secretaries and referees and people writing stuff. So tomorrow, 8.45pm, we will take to the field and we will try to play football as best as possible.

‘In this room (Real Madrid's press room), he is the chief, the f***ing man. In here he is the f***ing man and I can't compete with him. If Barcelona want someone who competes with that, then they should look for another manager. But we, as a person and an institution, don't do that. I could talk about (Olegario) Bequerença (who reffed last season's Barcelona-Inter semi-final first leg), about the offside goal from Diego Milito or the penalty of (Dani) Alves, but I don't. Well, until tonight!’

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