'He has grown up'

Manchester United gave Tottenham a thorough shellacking last night at Old Trafford, putting on a display of attacking verve and skill that made one thing quite clear: they're not going to let go of their Premier League title without a fight.

United beat Spurs 3-0, and in the second half in particular ripped them to shreds with smart movement and slick passing. Wayne Rooney conducted all that was good about the Reds, but Alex Ferguson's young guns also fired; the United boss was particular pleased with Danny Wellbeck, who scored the opening goal in the 61st minute.

'This group have such fantastic ability, it forces me to play them really,' said Ferguson. 'Danny is still only 20 years of age and the lad has a great future.

'He has always had ability but made slow progress because he had a bit of a knee growth problem, so we knew we had to wait for him. We put him on loan to Sunderland last season and that is when he became a man. He has grown up.'

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