Haye v Klitschko: is it on?

New heavyweight world champion David Haye is already lining up a fight against Vitali Klitschko, only a couple of days after his easy points victory over Russian Nikolai Valuev in Germany on Saturday night gave him the WBA title. ‘Let's bring it on and make it happen,’ he said to the BBC before launching into some trite pieces of home-spun wisdom.

‘Anything's possible,’ he said. ‘If you set your heart on something, no matter how big and how crazy it seems. Just being a little kid from Bermondsey, saying I'm going to be the heavyweight champion of the world, it was a big dream and a lot of people just laughed it off.

‘I wasn't the biggest kid out there but I said I was going to achieve it. I stuck to my guns, I live healthily, I lived clean, had a good lifestyle – and I've shown that, with hard work, anything is possible.’

Meanhwile Vitali was waiting in the wings to both compliment Haye on his win and to sound just a little bit like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

‘Full congratulations,’ he offered to the BBC. ‘It was a good performance, a good points win. It was very close. I will fight him any time, and knock him out. It is a good fight for the future, maybe. I am ready to fight anyone in the world. I am ready to show everyone I am the strongest in the world.’ He did not follow this up with 'if he dies, he dies', unfortunately.

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