Haye to fight Chisora in July

Boxing, never the most edifying of sports, just got a whole lot uglier. With depressing predictability Dereck Chisora and David Haye, the boxers whose clash in a German press conference in February resulted in Chisora losing his British licence, will fight in the East End of London on July 14.

The bout was always going to be a money-spinner. Promoter Frank Warren has got around the minor matter of the British Boxing Board of Control’s lack of approval by getting the Luxembourg Boxing Federation to sanction the fight.

Resisting any inclination to bring a little dignity to the announcement at West Ham’s football ground at Upton Park, both boxers quickly resorted to trash talk. "He is the ideal opponent for me," Haye said. "I am so glad he has got a good chin because if he didn't have a good chin he would be blasted out in first round. This means I will give him a nice, slow, concussive beating. I tried to knock him out in Munich and this is the opportunity to shut him up."

Chisora then delivered his lines with convincing anger, and some incongruous fashion advice. "I don't like him," Chisora said, redundantly. "David, you need to get style. Your corn rows are out of fashion. Talk is cheap now. That was a lucky shot he hit me with in Munich. David, you are winning 1-0 but come July I am coming to whoop your ass. Your talk is cheap. You always talk but you don't deliver in the ring."

Cynics might wonder if the pair then went off for a quiet drink together to start counting the ticket sales.

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